This site is for Seiko customers and fans living in countries other than Japan who have questions or inquiries about our products.

Before you send your query to us, please check whether your question is listed in the FAQ or instructions posted on our website as you may find an answer to your question has already been provided.

If you have other questions (e.g. regarding product information) not listed in the FAQs or you would like your watch to be serviced, please contact the Authorized Seiko Service Center in the area where you reside. Please check our Customer Service Center for more details.
They will be happy to assist you.

Watch instructions

Watch instructions in PDF format are available on our website to provide you with information on the optimal use of your watch. The contents are the same as the instruction booklet enclosed with your watch at the time of purchase.

Privacy policy

Please note that in order to send our response to you, Seiko Watch Corporation will make use of your personal information, such as name, address and email address, to be provided here in this contact form.
We may also forward your inquiry or message with this personal information to a Seiko office or associate in a country or area which can best answer your inquiry quickly and efficiently.
We and our affiliates will make every reasonable effort to protect personal information provided by users and their privacy, as per our privacy policy.

Our response to your inquiry is intended solely for your personal (and private) use.
Please understand that you may not reuse copy and/or transmit the response wholly or in part for any purpose other than specific communication between you and us.

Inquiries about status of watch repair

If you have any inquiries about your watch repair status, please contact the store carrying out your watch repair.

Inquiries about watches purchased from an internet seller

Please refer to the link for information regarding our internet purchase warning.

Inquiries about information on the internet

We are unable to make any comments regarding the information on any websites which are not handled by us (e.g. websites or blogs handled by individuals, Social Network Services etc).
We also do not disclose the details of some watch specifications to the public.

We are unable to access any websites or URLs which are not managed by us.

Identification of watch model

Please understand that we are not able to identify watch models through information on watch specifications or photos provided by customers.

Product suggestions and design ideas

While we appreciate your interest in our business, we would like you to note that we do not solicit any product ideas or designs from outside inventors.

Acquisition of watch parts

As mentioned in the “FAQs” on our website, please note that we are not able to meet requests from individual customers seeking to acquire watches or parts directly from us and so on.
Please contact the Authorized Seiko Service Center in the area where you reside if you would like your watch to be repaired.

Reception Counters of our Customer Service Department (Tokyo / Osaka)

Our service reception counters in Tokyo and Osaka are primarily for customers who reside in Japan. Where available, please contact our national service center which is located in your country for repair.
If you insist that your watch must be repaired in Japan, our service reception staff will be able to accept it even if it is from customers living outside Japan only in accordance with the following conditions:
- At least one month should be allowed for inspection or repair.
- The watch must be received in Japan. We are unable to return the watch attention to an address outside of Japan.
- The reception counters are not staffed to accommodate foreign customers so customers should be able to speak Japanese or attend with a Japanese speaker in order to avoid misunderstanding.

Re-issue and exchange of guarantee booklet

Please be informed that a guarantee booklet cannot be re-issued.
Please contact the store where you purchased your watch if you would like to switch the guarantee booklet for Japan to a world-wide guarantee booklet.

·Although we undertake to reply to queries as early as possible please understand that delays can occur and in some cases we may be unable to respond.
·Messages from customers received on weekends and national holidays Although we can receive messages from customers on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays in Japan and during the year-end or New Year holidays, please allow for processing delays as responses are only made during business hours.